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    Politics and government 254w

Timetabling of bills

Timms, Rt Hon Stephen, Financial Secretary to the Treasury and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Business, Innovation and Skills

                  Written Statements

    Corporation tax 21ws

    Taxation, Bahamas 35ws


    Broadband, Birmingham 969w

    Broadband, North West 551w

    Broadband, Sussex 113w

    Broadband, Wales 785w

    Business, Government assistance 702-3

    Business improvement districts, Scotland 73w

    Child benefit, Fraud 778w

    Child benefit, Grandparents 777-8w

    Computer viruses 545w

    Excise duties, Alcoholic drinks 716

    Inheritance tax 781w

    Internet, Copyright 786w

    Members, Correspondence 812w

    Mobile phones, Unfair practices 123w

    National Insurance Fund 896w

    Personal income 273w

    Revenue and Customs, Complaints 783w

    Revenue and Customs, Manpower 360-1w

    Revenue and Customs, Northern Ireland 274w

    Revenue and Customs, Telephone services 73w

    Tax avoidance 708

    Taxation, Corporate hospitality 783-4w

    Taxation, Ministers of religion 898w

    Thalidomide Trust 576w

    Welfare tax credits, Overpayments 784-5w

    Written questions, Government responses 975w

Timpson, Edward

                  Chamber Debates

    Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill, Com (04.11.2009) 883-4, 897, 903, 916


    Crime, Drugs 19

    Departmental responsibilities, Dept for Communities and Local Government 155

    Exservicemen, Radiation exposure 574

Tipping, Mr Paddy

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Common agricultural policy 428

Todd, Mr Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Banks (03.11.2009) 728


    Cost effectiveness, Dept for Children, Schools and Families 943-4w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for Communities and Local Government 760w, 841w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for Culture, Media and Sport 512-3w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 800w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for International Development 370w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for Transport 633w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for Work and Pensions 815-6w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept of Energy and Climate Change 1127-8w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept of Health 915w

    Cost effectiveness, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 504w

    Cost effectiveness, Home Office 857-8w

    Cost effectiveness, Ministry of Defence 647w

    Cost effectiveness, Ministry of Justice 736-7w

    Cost effectiveness, Treasury 358w

    Exservicemen, Radiation exposure 37-8w

    Pharmacy, Licensing 585w

    Prescription drugs 584w

    School fruit and vegetable scheme 929w



    see Horserace Totalisator Board

Touhig, Rt Hon Don



Trade unions

Train to gain programme


    Dept for Work and Pensions 721-2w

    Health visitors 102w

    Ministry of Defence 37w

    Scotland Office 62w

    Sight impaired 63w

    Valuation Office 898w




    Olympic Games 2012 518w

Transport for London (Supplemental Toll Provisions) Bill (HL) 2006-07

                  Chamber Debates

    Motion to proceed in next session (03.11.2009) 695


    Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 801-2w

    Ministry of Defence 500w

Travelling people

    Health services 102w

    Housing benefit 771w


    Cost effectiveness 358w

    Departmental responsibilities 710, 712

    News International 72w

    Non-domestic rates 895w

    Postal services 357w


Treatment centres

Tredinnick, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Antisocial behaviour, Crime prevention (02.11.2009) 646-54


    Business questions 451

    Counter-terrorism 7-8

    Farmers, Swine flu 440

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 840-1



Truswell, Mr Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Antisocial behaviour, Crime prevention (02.11.2009) 611

    Higher education (03.11.2009) 744

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Public transport, West Yorkshire (28.10.2009) 126-30wh

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