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Hughes, Simon

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Sri Lanka, Internally displaced persons (28.10.2009) 105-6wh, 108wh


    Aviation, Dept for Business, Innovation and Skills 786-7w

    Aviation, Dept of Health 703w

    Aviation, Ministry of Defence 647w

    Bank services, Fraud 1232w

    Climate change, International cooperation 973

    Energy, Prices 982

Huhne, Chris

                  Chamber Debates

    Ministerial statement intervention (02.11.2009) 578


    Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs 579-80

    Alcoholic drinks, Crime 527-8w

    Civil servants, Vetting 571w

    Counter-terrorism 9

    Drug interventions programme 176-82w

    Dual nationality 181w

    Entry clearances, Ministers of religion 1135w

    National insurance, Foreign workers 1086-7w

    Police, Stun guns 4

    Prisoners, Childbirth 421w

    Prisoners, Mothers 558w

    Prisoners, Per capita costs 87w

    Prisoners' release 558w

    Prisons, Smuggling 334w

    Telecommunications, Databases 539w

    Young people, Homelessness 770-1w

    Young people, Social services 1226w

Human rights

Human trafficking

Humble, Mrs Joan

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Housing, Blackpool (04.11.2009) 263wh


    Armed forces, Coroners 327w

    Armed forces, Disciplinary proceedings 25w, 232w

    Armed forces, Health services 232-3w

    Armed forces, Vetting 237w

    Armed forces, Young people 375-6w

    Inquiries, Costs 335w

Hunt, Jeremy


    English Heritage, Finance 18w

    Future Jobs Fund 820w

    Gambling, Advertising 85w

    Internet, Big Lottery Fund 619w

    Internet, Dept for Culture, Media and Sport 619w

    Internet, English Heritage 996w

    Internet, Ofcom 620w

    Internet, Sport England 320-1w

    Internet, Sports 997w

    Internet, UK Film Council 998w

    Internet, VisitBritain 813w

    Manpower, Dept for Culture, Media and Sport 316w

    Mass media, Competition 344-5w

    National Lottery, Pay 21w

    Olympic Delivery Authority, Manpower 991-2w

    Olympic Games 2012, Christmas trees 517w

    Radio frequencies 114w

    Sports, Finance 22w

Hunter, Mark

                  Westminster Hall Debates


Hurd, Nick

                  Chamber Debates

    Climate change (05.11.2009) 1020

    Local government finance (28.10.2009) 320, 336-41


    Admiralty House 251w

    Central Office of Information, Public appointments 886w

    Monitor Group, Treasury 72w

    News International, Dept for Business, Innovation and Skills 126w

    News International, Treasury 72w

    Public service messages 887w

    Voluntary organisations, Finance 269





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