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Gale, Mr Roger


    Health Service Commissioner 101w

    Tanzania, Overseas aid 1038w

    Tanzania, Overseas investment 1117-8w

    Tanzania, Politics and government 1039w

    Thalidomide Trust 111w


    Advertising 85w

Gambling Commission

    National Lottery Commission 318w

Gaming machines

Gapes, Mike

                  Westminster Hall Debates

Gardiner, Mr Barry

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

Garnier, Mr Edward


    Crown Prosecution Service, Temporary employment 14w

Gas supply

    see Natural gas

Gauke, David

                  Chamber Debates


    Business, Government assistance 702-3


    see Palestinians

GCE A-level

    Young offenders 342w


    Young offenders 342w

General Motors

General practitioners

General Social Care Council Review

Genetically modified organisms

Geographical information systems

    Valuation Office 898w

George, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Climate change (05.11.2009) 1033

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Public expenditure 897w

George, Rt Hon Bruce


    Territorial Army 25-6

Gerrard, Mr Neil

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Sri Lanka, Internally displaced persons (28.10.2009) 115-6wh


    Aviation, Waltham Forest 218w

    Energy, Electronic equipment 115w

    Heathrow Airport 221w

    Offenders, Suicide 904w

    Prison Service, Manpower 334-6w

Gibb, Mr Nick


    Headteachers, Secondary education 595w

    Health and Safety Executive, Archives 150w

    National Council for Educational Excellence 596w


    Military aircraft 991w

Gidley, Sandra


    Charities, Government assistance 274-5

    Equitable Life Assurance Society, Compensation 893w

    Prescription drugs 704w

    Swine flu, Vaccination 1037w

Gifted children

Gillan, Mrs Cheryl


    Olympic Games 2012, Wales 362w

    Prison Service, Labour turnover 746w

Gilroy, Linda

                  Chamber Debates


    Armed forces, Health services 572


    By-elections (27.10.2009) 256-7

Global Entrepreneurship Week


Godsiff, Mr Roger


    Broadband, Birmingham 969w

    Jobcentre Plus, Birmingham 728-9w

    New deal for young people, Birmingham 161w

    New deal schemes, Birmingham 161-2w

    Parental leave, Birmingham 977w

Goggins, Rt Hon Paul, Minister of State, Northern Ireland Office

                  Chamber Debates


    Cannabis, Northern Ireland 795w

    Criminal damage compensation scheme, Northern Ireland 795-6w

    Devolution, Northern Ireland 627w

    District policing partnerships, Northern Ireland 627-8w

    EC budget, Northern Ireland 1147w

    EC grants and loans, Northern Ireland 1146-7w

    Fireworks, Northern Ireland 1040-1w

    Historical Enquiries Team 846-7

    Northern Ireland Equality Commission 845

    Northern Ireland Independent Monitoring Board 511-2w

    Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland 628w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland 390w, 628w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Firearms 1040w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Recruitment 390w

    Prisoner escapes, Northern Ireland 216-7w

    Prisoners, Northern Ireland 796w

    Prisoners' release, Northern Ireland 1039w

    Road traffic offences, Northern Ireland 4w

    Sexual offences, Northern Ireland 4-6w

    Special purchase evacuated dwellings scheme, Northern Ireland 628-9w

    Telephone services, Northern Ireland Office 626-7w

    Visits abroad, Northern Ireland Office 627w

    Young offenders, Northern Ireland 626w

Gold and foreign exchange reserves

Goldsworthy, Julia

                  Chamber Debates


    Internet, Dept for Communities and Local Government 760w

    Regional planning and development 146-7

Goodman, Helen, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Work and Pensions

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Personal income (27.10.2009) 65-70wh

                  Written Statements

    Social security benefits, Lone parents 6ws


    Bereavement allowance, Nurses 1077w

    Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission, Correspondence 1077-8w

    Cold weather payments, Bedfordshire 209w

    Housing benefit, Bedfordshire 211-2w

    Housing benefit, Expenditure 1082w

    Housing benefit, Lone parents 212w

    Housing benefit, Private rented housing 209-11w

    Housing benefit, Travelling people 771w

    Manpower, Dept for Work and Pensions 814-5w

    Post office card account, Fife 1088w

    Social security benefits, Widowed people 1090-2w

Goodman, Mr Paul


    Community relations, Finance 836-8w

    Preventing Violent Extremism Community Leadership Fund 836w

    Sheltered housing 144

Goodwill, Robert

                  Chamber Debates

    Territorial Army (26.10.2009) 132


    Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry 839

    Driving, Working hours 496w

    Motor vehicles, Lighting 9-10w

    Roads, Accidents 807w

Gospel Oak-Barking railway line

Gove, Michael


    Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation 750w

    Manpower, Dept for Children, Schools and Families 591w

    National curriculum tests 310-1w

    Primary education 596w

    Publications, Dept for Children, Schools and Families 188-9w

    Pupil exclusions 949w

    Pupil exclusions, Primary education 596-8w

    Pupils, Absenteeism 192w

    Schools, Admissions 610w

    Schools, Inspections 607w

    Schools, Vetting 587w

    Special educational needs 605w

    Teachers, Science 609w

Government contracts

Government departments

    Public appointments 358w

Government Equalities Office

Government of Wales Act 2006 (Consequential Modifications, Transitional Provisions and Saving) Order 2009

                  Chamber Debates

    (04.11.2009) 960

Government Office for the North West

Government responses

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