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Bacon, Mr Richard


    NHS, Information and communications technology 583w


    see Bovine tuberculosis

Badman Review

BAE Systems


Bail accommodation and support service

Bailey, Mr Adrian


    Devolution, Northern Ireland 627w

    Flood control 425

    Housing, Construction 158

    Metals, Recycling 680w

    Prisoners' release, Northern Ireland 1039w

Baird, Vera, Solicitor General


    Criminal proceedings 625w

    Crown Prosecution Service 14w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office 13w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Temporary employment 14w

    Domestic violence 487w

    Employment, Discrimination 14-5w

    Fraud, Passports 537w

    Prosecutions, Animal welfare 486-8w

    Prosecutions, Euthanasia 15w

    Prosecutions, Homophobia 15w

    Prosecutions, Religious hatred 16w

    Prosecutions, Shoplifting 625w

    Travel, Solicitor-General 215-6w

    Written questions, Government responses 625w

Baker, Norman


    Aviation, Exhaust emissions 495w

    Dartford-Thurrock Crossing, Tolls 807w

    Fire services, Fareham 1061w

    Gospel Oak-Barking railway line, Electrification 636w

    Hakluyt, Cabinet Office 1228w

    Hakluyt, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1112-3w

    Hakluyt, Home Office 1053w

    Local transport plans 496w

    Motor vehicles, Exports 808w

    Motor vehicles, Registration 497w

    Nuclear weapons, Israel 937w

    Nuclear weapons, Safety 650-1w

    Oils, Waste disposal 679w

    Police, Stun guns 3

    Road traffic offences, Foreigners 809w

    Road traffic offences, Northern Ireland 4w

    Speed limits, Cameras 186w

    Speed limits, Foreigners 364-5w

    Waterloo Station 809w

Baldry, Tony

                  Chamber Debates

    Territorial Army (28.10.2009) 360

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Capital punishment (28.10.2009) 80-2wh


    Energy, Prices 985

    Work permits 6

Balls, Rt Hon Edward, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families

                  Written Statements

    Young people, Vocational guidance 2-3ws

Bank Mellat

Bank services



    Ministerial statements (03.11.2009) 717-32

Banks, Gordon


    Business improvement districts, Scotland 73w, 242w

    Economic situation 714

    Industrial diseases, Compensation 987

Barker, Gregory

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Energy, Prices 983

    Food, Hospitals 444w

    Monitor Group, Dept of Energy and Climate Change 78w

    NHS, Public holidays 447w

    Portcullis House, Energy performance certificates 511w

    Video conferencing, Dept for Business, Innovation and Skills 787w

Barlow, Celia

                  Chamber Debates

    Marine and Coastal Access Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (27.10.2009) 179, 184, 192


    Future Jobs Fund, Brighton 153-4w

Barnet Hospital

Baron, Mr John


    Afghanistan, Elections 282

    Agriculture, Subsidies 440

    Prostate cancer, Health services 1036w

Barrett, John

                  Chamber Debates

    Members, Allowances (04.11.2009) 869

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Sri Lanka, Internally displaced persons (28.10.2009) 116-9wh


    Radioactive waste, Waste management 986

Battle, Rt Hon John


    Afghanistan, Overseas aid 369w

    Arts, West Yorkshire 16-8w

    Children, Day care 311w

    Environmental health, Leeds 463w

    Export credit guarantees, Leeds 116w

    General practitioners, Leeds 440-1w

    Gifted children, Leeds 594w

    Insolvency, Leeds 120w

    Manufacturing industries, Leeds 342-3w

    Manufacturing industries, Motor vehicles 976w

    Pupil exclusions 192w

    Recycling, Leeds 351w

    Social services, Children 313w

    Social services, Leeds 269w

    Unemployment, Leeds 93w

    Vocational training, Leeds 345-6w

    Warm front scheme, Leeds 281-2w

    Waste disposal, Fixed penalties 60-1w

Bayley, Hugh


    Crime, North Yorkshire 286w

    Detection rates, North Yorkshire 285-8w

    Motor vehicles, York 10w

    NHS walk-in centres, York 580-2w

    North Yorkshire Police, Expenditure 388w

    Prescription drugs, North Yorkshire 107-10w

    Roads, Accidents 7w

    Social rented housing, Expenditure 479w

    York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 442-4w

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