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Audio recordings

Audit Commission

Aung San Suu Kyi

Austin, Ian, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State and Minister for the West Midlands, Dept for Communities and Local Government

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Housing, Blackpool (04.11.2009) 268-71wh

    Landlords, Sedgefield (04.11.2009) 306-10wh

                  Written Statements

    "Leasehold Advisory Service Report and Accounts 2008-09" 52ws


    Aerials, Planning permission 242w

    Building regulations, Energy 454w

    Building regulations, Public consultation 755w

    Building regulations, Sanitation 454-5w

    Community infrastructure levy 456-7w

    Council housing, East of England 457w, 756w

    Council housing, Lone parents 457w

    Council housing, Property transfer 756-7w

    Council housing, Tenants 242w

    Council housing, Waiting lists 757w

    Empty property, Rural areas 772-3w

    Homelessness, Young people 770-1w

    Housing, East of England 465-6w

    Land use, Agriculture 475w

    Land use, Norwich 772w

    Landlords, Registration 481-2w

    Multiple occupation, Licensing 472w

    National parks, Planning permission 677w

    Opencast mining, Planning permission 144-5

    Outdoor advertising, Planning permission 475-6w

    Outdoor advertising, Rural areas 351-2w

    Parking, Fees and charges 476w

    Planning obligations, Chorley 524w

    Planning permission, Appeals 845w

    Property development 477w

    Property development, Floods 477w

    Regional planning and development, South West 774w

    Renewable energy, Planning permission 754w

    Repossession orders 478w

    Repossession orders, Security of tenure 1124-5w

    Social rented housing, Insurance 1067-8w

    Social rented housing, Rural areas 772-3w

    Social rented housing, Suffolk 479-80w

    Tenant Services Authority 846w

    Wind power, Floods 352w

Austin, Mr John


    Prostitution, Olympic Games 2012 1144w


    Foreign relations 655w


    Employment and support allowance 725w

Autonomous Operator of Parisian Transports

    see RATP


    Dept for Business, Innovation and Skills 786-7w

    Ministry of Defence 647w

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