Select Committee on Transport Fifth Report


Wednesday 5 February 2003
Mr Ed Bannock MBE, Network Director for London, Transco, Mr Les Guest, Network Policy Implementation Manager, Transco, Mr Richard Ackroyd, Director of Regulation and Investment, Yorkshire Water, Jean Spencer, Head of Economic Regulation, Yorkshire Water, Mr Phil Thompson, Director Network Capacity and Planning, British Telecom
Ev 1
Mr Peter Goode, Nottingham City Council, National Street Works Highways Group, Mr Bob Bayley, East Sussex County Council, National Street Works Highways Group, Mr Chris Tunstall, Durham County Council, National Street Works Highways Group
Ev 8
Mr Geoff Allister, Director of Engineering, NI Roads Service and Chair of CSS, Mr Matthew Lugg, Assistant Director, Highways and Engineering, Cambridgeshire Country Council and Vice Chair of CSS, Mr Mike Bordiss, County Highways Officer, Northamptonshire County Council
Ev 14
Joan Walley MP, Honorary Secretary, Associate Parliamentary Lighting Group, Mr Roger Elphick OBE, Highway Management Services, Durham County Council and Chair Associate Parliamentary Lighting Group, Mr David Webster, Chair, David Webster Group Ltd
Ev 18
Wednesday 12 February 2003
Ms Irene Payne, Acting Director of Public Services Research, Mr Andrew Wallford, Service Head, Environment, Audit Commission
Ev 24
Mr Michael Kendrick, Chairman, Integrated Transport Planning, Mr Peter Dickinson, Senior Assistant Director of Highways and Transportation, Leeds City Council, Institution of Highways and Transportation
Ev 28
Mr Roger Geffen, Campaigns and Policy Manager, CTC, Mr Tony Russell, Benchmarking Project Manager, CTC, Mr Alex Sully, Cycling Development Co-ordinated for Engineering Guidance and Professional Development, English Regions Development Team
Ev 32
Rt Hon John Spellar MP, Mr Dennis Roberts, Road Transport Directorate, Mr Ian Holmes, Roads Policy Division, Department for Transport
Ev 35

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Prepared 25 June 2003