House of Commons Officers and Staff


The Speaker-The Rt Hon. John Bercow, MP

Chairman of Ways and Means-

First Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means-

Second Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means-

Panel of Chairs-

Secretary-Matthew Hamlyn

House of Commons Commission

The Rt Hon. The Speaker (Chairman), Sir Paul Beresford, MP, Ms Angela Eagle, MP, The Rt Hon. Chris Grayling, MP

Secretary of the Commission-Robert Twigger

Assistant Secretary-Sarah Heath

Administration Estimate Audit Committee

Dame Janet Gaymer, DBE (Chair), Stephen Brooker, Barbara Scott

Secretary of the Audit Committee-Lloyd Owen

Liaison Committee-

Clerk-Andrew Kennon

Management Board

David Natzler (Clerk of the House), Jacqy Sharpe (Acting Clerk Assistant and Acting Director General, Chamber and Committee Services), Andrew Walker (Director General, HR and Change), John Borley, CB (Director General, Facilities), Myfanwy Barrett (Director of Finance), Penny Young (Librarian and Director General, Department of Information Services), Rob Greig (Director of the Parliamentary Digital Service), Dame Janet Gaymer, DBE (External Member), Barbara Scott (External Member)

Secretary of the Management Board-Tom Goldsmith

office of the speaker

Speaker’s Secretary-Peter Barratt

Assistant Secretary to the Speaker-Ian Davis MBE

Trainbearer-Jim Davey

Diary Secretary-Emma Bell

Speaker’s Counsel-Michael Carpenter, CB

Speaker’s Chaplain-Rev. Rose Hudson-Wilkin

office of the Clerk of the House

Clerk of the House-David Natzler

Private Secretary-Lloyd Owen

Personal Assistant-Louise Clarke

parliamentary commissioner for standards

Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards-Kathryn Hudson

Registrar of Members’ Financial Interests-Heather Wood

parliamentary security Director

Parliamentary Security Director-Paul Martin, CBE

Deputy Parliamentary Security Director-Emily Baldock

SRP Programme Director-Christina O’Kelly

office of the chairman of ways and means

Secretary to the Chairman of Ways and Means-Joanna Dodd

Governance Office

Head of Office-Tom Goldsmith

Corporate Risk Management Facilitator-Rachel Harrison

Head of Central Communications-Marianne Cwynarski

Head of Internal Audit-Paul Dillon-Robinson

Head of Parliamentary Programme and Project Assurance- Jane Rumsam

Strategy, Planning and Performance Manager-Jane Hough

department of chamber and committee services

Acting Clerk Assistant and Acting Director General-Jacqy Sharpe

Personal Assistant-Charlotte Every

Director of Departmental Services-Elizabeth Hunt

Overseas Office-

Principal Clerk-Crispin Poyser

Delegation Secretary-Nick Wright

Inward Visits Manager-Alison Game, MBE

National Parliament Representative, Brussels-Alison Groves

Deputy National Parliament Representative, Brussels-

committee directorate

Committee Office-

Clerk of Committees-Andrew Kennon

Principal Clerks of Select Committees-Mark Hutton, Colin Lee, Simon Patrick

Business Manager (Liaison)-Anita Fuki

Operations Manager-Karen Saunders

Business Manager (COMG)-Richard Dawson

Departmental Select Committees-

Business, Innovation and Skills: Clerks-James Davies, Jessica Montgomery

Communities and Local Government: Clerk-Dr Anna Dickson

Culture, Media and Sport: Clerk-Elizabeth Flood

Defence: Clerk-James Rhys, Leoni Kurt

Education: Clerk- Lynn Gardner, PhD

Energy and Climate Change: Clerks-Dr Farrah Bhatti, Vinay Talwar

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Clerks-David Weir, Clementine Brown

Foreign Affairs: Clerk- Kenneth Fox

Health: Clerks-Huw Yardley, Sharon Maddix

Home Affairs: Clerks- Carol Oxborough, John-Paul Flaherty

International Development: Clerk-Kate Emms

Justice: Clerks-Nick Walker, Daniel Whitford

Northern Ireland Affairs: Clerk-Robert Cope

Science and Technology: Clerk-Stephen McGinness

Scottish Affairs: Clerk-Jyoti Chandola

Transport: Clerks-Gordon Clarke, Nick Beech

Treasury: Clerks-Chris Stanton, Chloe Challender

Welsh Affairs: Clerk-Richard Ward

Work and Pensions: Clerk-Adam Mellows-Facer, Katy Gray

Domestic Committees-

Administration: Clerks-Helen Wood, Sarah Heath

Finance: Clerk-Robert Twigger

Other Committees-

Arms Export Controls (Committees on): Clerk-

Environmental Audit: Clerks-Simon Fiander, Charlotte Simmonds

Joint Committee on Human Rights: Commons Clerk-Robin James

Liaison: Clerk-Andrew Kennon

Joint Committee on National Security Strategy: Commons Clerk-

Petitions Committee-Anne-Marie Griffiths

Public Accounts: Clerk-Sarah Petit

Public Administration: Clerks-Sîan Woodward, Dr Rebecca Davies

Regulatory Reform: Clerk-James Davies

European Scrutiny Committee: Clerk-Sarah Davies

Clerk Advisers-Peter Harborne, David Griffiths, Leigh Gibson, Terry Byrne, Eliot Wilson

Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments: Commons Clerk-Amelia Aspden

Scrutiny Unit-

Head of Unit-Jessica Mulley

Deputy Head of Unit (Finance)-Larry Honeysett

Chamber Business directorate

Acting Clerk of Legislation-Liam Laurence Smyth

Public and Private Bill Office

Clerk of Bills, Examiner of Petitions for Private Bills and Taxing Officer-Matthew Hamlyn

Clerks: Fergus Reid, Glenn McKee, David Slater, Marek Kubala, Joanna Welham

Private Bill Office-Neil Caulfield (Clerk of Private Bills)

Bills Support Officer-Mark Oxborough


Court of Referees: Clerk-Matthew Hamlyn

Selection: Clerk-Fergus Reid

Standing Orders, Unopposed Bills: Clerk-Joanna Dodd

Journal Office-

Clerk of the Journals-Paul Evans

Clerks: Eve Samson, Richard Cooke, Danielle Nash, Katya Simms (Clerk of Public Petitions)

Procedure Committee: Clerks-Huw Yardley, Danielle Nash

Standards and Privileges Committees: Clerks-Eve Samson, Alda Barry (Acting Clerk), Katya Simms

Speaker’s Committee for IPSA: Secretaries-Eve Samson, Ben Williams

Speaker’s Committee on the Electoral Commission: Secretaries- Eve Samson, Ben Williams

Table Office-

Principal Clerk-Philippa Helme

Clerks: Mark Egan, Mike Hennessy, Ed Beale, Judith Boyce, Mark Etherton, Libby Kurien, Lydia Menzies

Senior Executive Officer-Francene Graham

Backbench Business: Clerk-Mike Hennessy

Vote Office-

Deliverer of the Vote-Catherine Fogarty

Deputy Deliverer of the Vote-Owen Sweeney

Head of Procedural Publishing-Tom McVeagh

Procedural Publishing Operations Manager-Stuart Miller

official report directorate

Editor-Lorraine Sutherland

Deputy Editor-Alex Newton

Personal Assistant-Caroline Rowlands

Director of Broadcasting-John Angeli

Managing Editors (Committees)-Clare Hanly, Jack Homer,

Managing Editors (House)- Paul Hadlow, Deborah Jones, Ann Street, Vivien Wilson, Ross Gunby, Adele Dodd, Jonathan Hoare

Sub-Editors-Kate Myers, Juliet Levy, Ken Gall, Victoria Hart, Paul Kirby, Emma Kirby, Tony Minichiello, David Hampton, Jez Oates, Portia Dadley, Joanna Lipkowska, Richard Purnell, Bran Jones, Patricia Hill, Ian Oakhill, Saul Minaee, Will Holdaway

House Reporters-Emily Morris, Mayah Weinberg, Jude Wheway, Paul Underhill, Felicity Reardon, Jim Barr, Angus Andrews, Cara Clark, Paul Owen, Tom Martin, Keith Brown, Owain Wilkins, Lydia Davis, Eugene Wolstenholme, Stephen Farrell, Vivienne Kenny

Head of Administration-Stephen O'Riordan

Senior Hansard Administrators-John Brake, Brian Harrison

Annunciator Superintendent-John LeHunte

serjeant at arms directorate

Serjeant at Arms-Lawrence Ward

Deputy Serjeant at Arms-Richard Latham

Assistant Serjeant at Arms-Lesley Scott

Clerk in Charge-Lisa Wrobel

Admission Order Office-Sarah Dinsdale

Principal Doorkeeper-Robin Fell

Pass Access Manager-Hannah Evans

Audit and Compliance Manager-Guy Turner

Access Manager-Emily Cathcart

Office of Speaker’s Counsel

Speaker’s Counsel-Michael Carpenter

Counsel-Peter Davis (Domestic Legislation), Arnold Ridout (European Legislation)

Deputy Counsel-Peter Brooksbank, Philip Davies, Daniel Greenberg (Domestic Legislation)

Principal Assistant Counsel-Helen Emes

Assistant Counsel-Joanne Dee (European Legislation)

Assistant Counsel-Helen Kinghorn

Trainee Solicitor-Klara Banaszak (on secondment)

Legal Assistants-Emma Johnston, Ami Cochrane

department of information services

Librarian and Director General- Penny Young

Personal Assistant-Brigitte Onyskiw

Director of Service Delivery-John Benger

Central Support Services

Head-Grahame Allen

Curator’s Office

Curator of Works of Art-Malcolm Hay

Customer Services

Head of Customer Services-Dr Patsy Richards

Head of Front of House-Chris Sear

Senior Library Executives-Amina Gual, John Prince

Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology (POST)

Head of POST-Dr Christopher Tyler

Director of Business Management-Edward Wood

Information Management Directorate

Director of Information Management-Steve Wise

Indexing and Data Management

Head of Section-Gini Griffin/Catherine Meredith

Library Resources

Head of Section-Susannah Foulis

Office Services

Office Services Manager-Gabrielle Hughes

SPIRE Benefits Team

SPIRE Benefits Manager-Anne Thompson


Director of Public Engagement-Aileen Walker

Education Service

Head of Education Service-Emma-Jane Watchorn

Visitor Services & Retail

Head of Visitor Services & Retail-Amy Pitts

public information directorate

Director of Public Information-Lee Bridges (Temp)

Public Information Group

Head of public information-Matt Ringer

Head of Procedural Information-Fiona Green, Head of Digital Outreach-Laura Bristow

Media & Communications Service

Head of Media and Communications-Anikka Weerasinghe

Head of Outreach and Engagement- (to be appointed)

research directorate

Director of Research-Bryn Morgan

Research & Library Central Team

Head-Gavin Berman

Senior Executive Officers-Jeremy Hardacre, Catrin Owens

Research Information Service

Head –Ed Potton

Senior Executive Officer-Gill Cooper

Business and Transport

Head of Section-Tim Edmonds

Library Clerks-Louise Butcher, Douglas Pyper, Antony Seely, Djuna Thurley

Economic Policy and Statistics

Head of Section- Lorna Booth

Library Clerks-Aliyah Dar, Daniel Harari, Matthew Keep, Feargal McGuinness, James Mirza-Davies, Christopher Rhodes, Dominic Webb

Home Affairs

Head of Section-Pat Strickland

Library Clerks-Amelia Aspden, Jacqueline Beard, Lorraine Conway, Catherine Fairbairn, Gabrielle Garton-Grimwood, Oonagh Gay, Melanie Gower, Sally Lipscombe, Dr Philip Ward, John Woodhouse

International Affairs and Defence

Head of Section-Vaughne Miller

Library Clerks-Louisa Brooke-Holland, Arabella Lang, Dr Jon Lunn, Claire Mills, Ben Smith

Parliament and Constitution Centre

Head of Section-Lucinda Maer

Library Clerks-Paul Bowers, Alexander Horne, Richard Kelly, Elise Rietveld, Mark Sandford, Isobel White

Science and Environment

Head of Section-Sarah Hartwell-Naguib

Library Clerks- Dr Elena Ares, Dr Sarah Barber, Oliver Bennett, Emma Downing, Michael Everett, David Hirst, Louise Smith, Edward White

Social and General Statistics

Head of Section-Richard Cracknell

Library Clerks-Stephen Ayers, Carl Baker, Paul Bolton, Rachael Harker, Oliver Hawkins, Neil Johnston, Rod McInnes, Tom Rutherford

Social Policy

Head of Section-Wendy Wilson

Library Clerks-Alexander Bate, Elizabeth Blow, David Foster, Manjit Gheera, Susan Hubble, Tim Jarrett, Steven Kennedy, Robert Long, Tom Powell, Nerys Roberts

department of hr & change

Director General’s Office

Director General of HR & Change-Andrew Walker

Assistant to Director General-Tara Cullen

Director of HR Services-Alix Langley

Director of People Development-David Vere

Finance Business Partner-Caroline Young

Head of Learning-Patricia Macaulay-Fraser

Head of Diversity and Inclusion-Anne Foster

Head of HR Operations-Jenny Winters

Head of HR Policy-Reg Perry

Head of HR Advisory Service-Jo Regan

Head of Organisational Development-Andy Vallins

Business Partners-Elaine Mason, Johan van den Broek, Harun Musho’d

Members’ Advice Service and Members’ Personnel Advice Service (PAS)

Senior HR Manager-Barbara Joy

Information Rights and Information Security Services (IRIS)

Head of IRIS-Victoria Payne


Head of Safety-Marianne McDougall

Consultant Occupational Health Physicians-Dr Ira Madan, Dr Paul Grimes

Senior Health and Safety Adviser-Carl Foulkes Williams

Health and Wellbeing

Occupational Health and Wellbeing Manager-Anne Mossop

Welfare Officer – Tanya Harris

Clinical Nurse Advisers-Karen St Cyr, Sally Dow, Sally Nightingale

Trade Union Side

Trade Union Side Administrators-Sandra Deakins, Denise Eltringham

department of finance

Director of Finance-Myfanwy Barrett

Pensions and Payroll

Head of Pensions and Payroll- Lucy Tindal

financial management directorate

Chief Accountant-Alex Mills

Head of Financial Planning-Amanda Colledge

Head of Financial Accounting-Debra Shirtcliffe

Head of Financial Services-Sam Rao

Systems Accountant-Colin Lewis

continuous Improvement

Head of Continuous Improvement- Martin Trott

department of facilities

Director General-John Borley, CB MA CEng MIET

Executive Officer-Katie Phelan-Molloy

Director of Facilities Finance-Philip Collins

Director of Business Management-Della Herd

Departmental Communications Officer-Renee Brownsey-Joyce

parliamentary estates directorate

Acting Parliamentary Director of Estates-Brian Finnimore

Deputy Director Operations-Lester Benjamin, BEng, CEng, MCIBS

Head of Projects-Victor Akinbile

Head of Directorate Business Support-Ann Moghaddami

Deputy Head Directorate Business Support and Business Manager-Deborah Taylor

Head of Maintenance-Mike McCann

Keeper of the Great Clock-Steve Jaggs

Acting Head of Programme & Planning-Andrew Geehan, MSC, BSc, BDBeck

Head of Fire, Safety and Environment-Martin Wittekind

Fire Safety Manager-David Kaye, GIFireE

Principal Architect -Adam Watrobski, BA (Hons), DiplArch, DiplConsAA, RIBA

Principal Estates Manager-Helen Arkell, BSc (Hons), MRICS

Principal Engineer-Donald Grant

Estates Archivist and Historian-Dr Mark Collins, BA, PhD

Acting Environment Manager-Glenn Fleetwood

catering services

Director of Catering-Richard Tapner-Evans, BSc

Executive Chef-Mark Hill

Operations Manager-Robert Gibbs

Catering Manager (Terrace Cafeteria, Members’ Tea Room and Jubilee Café- Denise Durkin

Banqueting and Events Manager-Lee Holt

Banqueting and Events Office Manager-Jason Bonello

Hospitality and Events Sales Manager-Kay West

Catering Services Manager, Northern Estate (Portcullis House, 1 Parliament Street, 7 Millbank, Moncrieff’s and Tothill Street)-Yvonne Sparrow

Catering Manager, (Portcullis House, 7 Millbank, 1 Parliament Street and Moncrieff’s Press Complex and Tothill Street)-James Ellis

Assistant Catering Manager (Portcullis House, 7 Millbank, 1 Parliament Street , Moncrieff’s and Tothill Street)-Katie Elliott

Purchasing & Stores Manager-Antony Avella

Marketing and Communications Manager-Tanith Banks

accommodation and logistics services

Director of Accommodation and Logistics Services-Fiona Channon

Parliamentary Logistics Manager-Wesley Auvache

Members’ Accommodation Manager-Lis Gerhold

Accommodation Manager-Susanna Lumsden

Head of Facilities Service Delivery-Brendon Mulvihill

Facilities Service Delivery Managers-Doreen Irving, Noel Kirby, Simon Mansfield, David O’Nions, Les Stockwell

Heritage Cleaning Managers-Jackie Britton, David Ray

Postmaster-Mark Morrish

Parliamentary Digital Service

Director of Parliamentary Digital Service-Rob Greig

Acting Deputy Director-Matthew Taylor

Director of Operations and Member Services-Rob Sanders

Director of Programmes and Projects-Steven Mark

Director of Resources-Tracey Jessup

Director of Technology-Steve O’Connor

Head of the Web and Intranet Service-Tracy Green

Members Computing Officer-Andrew Morrison

other principal officers

Clerk of the Crown in Chancery-Dame Ursula Brennan, DCB

Comptroller and Auditor General-Amyas Morse

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman-Dame Julie Mellor, DBE

27 May 2015

Prepared 2nd June 2015